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Arnie アメリカ国旗 Arnie(アーニィ)


Name(名前): Arniel "Arnie" Brown

City/Country(出身地):San Francisco/USA

How long in Japan(日本滞在年数):
I first lived in Japan from 2005 to 2007, in Kochi Prefecture. I then returned briefly to the US and moved back to Japan in March 2008. Initially I lived in Okayama prefecture, then moved to Kanto in 2009.

How long at Bella(ベラでの勤務年数): Since 2011

I'm a very busy guy, but I like watching films, doing Indonesian martial arts (Silat) in Meguro on Saturday evenings, watching and playing basketball when I can, dancing Yosakoi and finally spending time with my wife and son.

Topics I like to talk about(好きな話題):
Actually anything is ok.

Message from Arnie:アーニィからのメッセージ
I'm happy to see you here at Bella. To further your study you should study with us and of course try to use the English you learn with us in everyday life. I highly recommend watching TV with English subtitles, making international friends and studying abroad to enhance your study. Good luck and take care. Peace - Arnie

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