Roddy:講師の紹介 英会話ベラ



Roddy イギリス国旗 Roddy(ロディ)



City/Country(出身地):London / United Kingdom

How long in Japan(日本滞在年数):Since 2011, and last time, for a year

How long at Bella(ベラでの勤務年数): Since 2011

Playing football, cooking, making music, DJing, history, Japanese and Korean food, Literature, travelling, making children laugh, (long, long, long hot baths/onsen), Islamic architecture, traditional Scottish music, fashion

Topics I like to talk about(好きな話題):
Social political history, modern culture, food, fashion, contemporary politics, love, literature and dreams

Message from Roddy:ロディからのメッセージ
The teachers who I remember best from my days at school were teachers that challenged me to learn. I want to challenge you, as I know that everyone has the ability to be a great language learner. You can relax at home, but in my lessons I want you to push yourself, while I correct your mistakes. In this way, toghether we can take you to a new level.

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